C & B Air Compressors carries a wide range of parts to service your air compressor, air system, and air dryers!



C & B Air also carries a line of dental/medical grade oil free air compressors, for when your air has to be 100% oil free!




Discounted labor rate for all service work if you are on a maintenance program!

Air Compressor Parts: We have the parts and the knowledge to keep your single-stage, two-stage, portable, piston machine, oil-free, or rotary screw air compressor working properly. We carry a wide range of replacement compressor parts, including compressor pumps, motors, tanks, hoses, and much more!

C&B Air Compressors repairs and overhauls most major brands of industrial air compressors from 5 through 300-horsepower.  One of our experienced service technicians will diagnose your air compressor to determine the cause of its malfunction, order parts and perform the repairs on-site or in our shop, as most appropriate for the circumstances. We carry our own line of oils, whether it be 30 weight non detergent for most piston machines, or a specialty synthetic for your rotory screw, we have oil for most makes and models!

We carry many more items not in our online store such as pressure switches, dryers, automatic drains, valves kits, and much more.

 Whatever we do not carry we can usually have in store within 48 hours with the exception of specialty parts.

Contact us at our shop number 810-407-7487

Airline plumbing!

We offer airline plumbing to our customers as well, whether it be a large factory that needs a blueprint followed, or a small shop that needs air in certain locations throughout, we can do it all!




Brands Serviced                                                    Products                                                        Services                     

        - Champion                                                                                  - Valve Replacements                                                                           - Air Lines

   - Sullivan-Palatek                                                                                    - Regulators                                                                                - ServiceCalls

          - Mattei                                                                                        - Coalescant Filters                                                                   - Maintanance Plans

      - Saylor Beall                                                                                        - Water Traps                                                                                    - Parts

        - Comp Air                                                                                   - Valve Over-haul Kits                                                                           - Repairs

     - Ingersoll Rand                                                                                      - Separators                                                                                 - Unit Sales

    - Gardner Denver                                                                                      - Oil Filters

      - Atlas Copco                                                                                          - Air Filters

        - Devillbiss                                                                                        - Full Line of Oil

    - Industrial Air                                                                                  - Inline Water/Oil Filters

        - Kellog                                                                                               - Desicant Filters

       - Leroy                                                                                               - Much Much More!

       - Curtis

       - Davey

       - Rollair

       - Sullair

       - Quincy

       - Kaeser

       - Schulz

       - Many More!